Physio Led Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise which aims to strengthen the deep core muscles. These muscles are often weak leading to pain and injury. When core stability is improved, the balance and coordination of activation of the deep core and postural muscles with muscles that perform movement is enhanced thus improving posture and control. This can help resolve pain and facilitate rehabilitation from injury.

Joseph Pilates was a pioneer in identifying muscle imbalances within the body and founded Pilates in the 1920s. He devised specific exercises to improve performance in dancers and gymnasts. These exercises however, are not suitable for all people.

The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) devised a form of Pilates which modified the original exercises into levels using up to date research and established Physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques. This has made Pilates an accessible form of exercise for all abilities and ages. People can be confident of a safe and effective exercise programme with an experienced Physiotherapist who has a real knowledge of anatomy, pain, pathology and function.

Mixed Ability Matwork Classes are available in the Macclesfield Area. Numbers are limited to 10 participants to ensure adequate supervision and individual modification so that everybody gets the most out of their session. Classes are run in blocks of 6/7 so that the classes can be prepared for the individuals attending the course and each session allows for progression as appropriate. Classes are non competitive and suitable for most abilities and ages. We use small equipment regularly such as bands, magic circles and balls to enhance the exercises performed.

Pregnant ladies are able to attend classes as modifications can be made as your pregnancy progresses. Classes are suitable for postnatal ladies.

Prior to attending a course, a Registration form needs to be completed which includes a health screening section. It is advised to check with your GP/Health Professional of your suitability to commence Pilates. A doctors note may be required of your suitability to attend.

shutterstock_126901283Individuals who have a more complex medical history may require a 1:1 assessment prior to attending the class to enable the Physiotherapist to get to know them better and identify which exercises may help you. Occasionally Matwork classes may not be appropriate and 1:1 sessions advisable – your Physiotherapist will discuss this with appropriate individuals.

1:1 sessions are available.

Silk Physio & Pilates are available to come out to your workplace, school or  club to run sessions tailored to your needs.



Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement. It is advised to bring a water bottle with you.